Reiki Sessions

A traditional Reiki session is experienced while lying on a therapy table, fully clothed, covered with a blanket or sheet, and pillows under the head and knees for comfort. The practitioner touches the client with a non-moving gentle touch on the head, abdomen and back in 12 or more predetermined positions. As each position is held, the Reiki flows through the hands of the practitioner and "tunes" itself to support the area being addressed. A full session takes approximately one hour. The fee is $60 for sessions at the Devine Reiki Growth Center.

Reiki sessions are also available in your home or hospital setting for acute or hospice clients. There is a travel stipend added to the fee for these "house calls".

After attending a beginning class you can apply Reiki to yourself by placing your hands on yourself, and the Reiki flows into you. In this way you can relieve aches and pains, prevent bruising, calm your mind, etc. Self application can be on a specific "spot" for a shorter period of time, or a full self application that can take 30 minutes or more.

Reiki Classes through the Devine Reiki Growth Center LLC

First Degree

First Degree class is the introduction to living life with Reiki. You will learn how to work on yourself and others, as well as plants and animals. There is no experience necessary, just a yearning to be able to support yourself, friends, and family as you all take each next step in your lives. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. As you apply Reiki to yourself, you will find subtle changes happening in your life. Some changes you may just notice as time goes by, others may come as you begin making different choices day to day. You will find a renewed source of energy and support for your healing on all levels

A First Degree class is a 12+ hour commitment of time over a period of 4 days. The fee for the class is $200 payable on or before the first night of class. There are four private "Initiation" experiences which adjust the students' ability to more readily allow the Reiki to flow through them. We dress casually for we exchange sessions with each other in class. We share questions and experiences of our daily homework, and the balance of the time is spent in instruction. At times we share a pot luck mid-day meal. If you live outside of an easy commuting area of Olympia, WA, sleeping arrangements are available at the Center for $25 per night per person. Prior reservations are required.

The first night of class is free to anyone of interest. After a two-hour introduction lecture where participants may receive a short hands-on experience, registration is taken for those who decide to continue with the course. Classes are held at the Devine Reiki Growth Center, but can be held in your home or other location. Penny is willing to travel to out-of-town locations as long as her expenses are covered, plus $500.

Penny and Amber's students are welcome to audit First Degree Classes for no charge, however donations are heartily accepted. (To audit means to sit through the entire class, with no Initiations received.) Students of other Masters would be welcome after prior review of their Reiki experience. There is a suggested $60 donation. Auditor spaces are limited, so prior reservations are required.

First Degree

Learn the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki Healing. At the completion of the first evening of registration and instruction, you will be able to apply the technique to yourself and others with ease, and see results varying from relaxation and stress release to the stimulation of the body’s natural healing process -- A safe and gentle self-healing art for lifetime use.  The first night of class is always free and open to the public.

We have a First Degree Class coming up on August 18-21, 2022 in Olympia.  Please contact Penny or Amber at the information below,.

Devine Reiki Growth Center, 2002 Capitol Way South, Olympia, WA 98501. Contact Penny @ 360-754-9750 or [email protected] or Amber at 425-749-0005 or [email protected],com with any concerns.

Second Degree

Second Degree Reiki is an opportunity to go deeper into your relationship with Reiki. It is a deepening opportunity for you to do when you feel it is time. I do not recommend it for everyone, for First Degree is all you need, and there is a one year prerequisite while you practice and integrate First Degree into your life and being, before considering Second Degree.

Benefits of Second Degree include being able to increase the amount of Reiki that flows, do direct mental work, and to send the energy through time and space. However, even more significant is the amazing ability you may notice as you go deeper into your personal practice of Reiki. Some people refer to Second Degree as the required course for a public practice. This is not my belief, however some more professional outlets require their practitioners to hold a Second Degree Certificate.

Normally Second Degree is taught in a retreat setting where we share two days and one night together practicing together. One night for registration and memorization happens 2 or 3 days earlier for 2-3 hours.

Registration is $500 and is due at the time of registration. Auditor policy is similar to First Degree policy. Students of other Masters pay $200.

A Second Degree Reiki retreat is normally held each year on the fourth weekend of July. This year the retreat is postponed due to Covid.

We are forming a Second Degree Class for September 16-18, 2022 at our Chehalis location.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Additional Support Available

Reiki Introductory Sessions - Free

Reiki Introductory Sessions are similar to the first night of First Degree class. We share the history, what Reiki is and how it affects people, share some hands on with participants, and answer questions. This occasion can be held at your location with your friends and family, there is no need to have it be a public occasion. However if you feel drawn, you may invite the public.

Reiki Public Practitioner Sessions

Penny has practiced Reiki since 1981 and has had a public practice from the very beginning. She has attended many Public Practitioner Gatherings led by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Reiki Grand Master; Paul D. Mitchell, Head of the Discipline, and others; and has taught public practitioner workshops in Washington and Oregon.

If you have any interest in developing your folk art practice into a public practice and would like my support, I offer these sessions at the same rate as I charge for treatments. If you'd like to have group sessions, invite your friends and contact me for possible dates and locations.

Hawayo Takata's "Finishing Touches" Presentations

Over the decades since Hawayo Takata began teaching Reiki, the world Reiki community has discovered a few differences in the way she taught different students and different Masters. One of the unique techniques that she shared in a few of these instances is called "Finishing Touches". I do not assume to be able to teach this technique, but am willing to share it with Reiki groups by donation.

Reiki Review Retreats

Now and then we hold review retreats for the continuing student at our retreat space on Eld Inlet . We spend at least two days together, share meals, Reiki sessions, and our Reiki lives with each other.

Retreat "themes" are as varied as those who attend. A few themes are: First Degree Review, Second Degree Review, Public Practitioner, Finishing Touches, Silent Sharing, etc.

Most recently we added a "Second Degree Intensive" class to offered events.

Lending Library

There is a library at the Center that students are welcome to use. No charge is involved, but the lending time is limited to a month. Please call ahead for an appointment to view the library. The books include:

  • A small collection of metaphysical, religious, psychological, and healing subjects
  • Copies of each volume of the past Reiki Magazine created in Europe, now out of print. A complete listing of all articles in each volume is available for review. These magazines do not leave the Center, but certain articles can be copied for your home use.

Therapy Space Available

Students who find their practice growing and have yet to develop their own space for sessions are welcome to use the Reiki Room at the Devine Reiki Growth Center, LLC. This space is also available for student exchanges. Calling a week ahead will guarantee the availability of the space. A small donation to the Center is requested.

Overnight Accommodations Available

If you do not live close to Olympia and wish to participate in any upcoming activities, limited overnight accommodations are available by prepaid reservation only, first come--first served. $25 per night for up to two people sharing one bed. Use the contact information at the bottom of the page for reservations.

For more information call 360-754-9750

or e-mail Penny @ [email protected]

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